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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 & Easy Returns! TEXT or CALL (855)697-7222 for Questions!

RADtec Electric Bistro Table Heater (1500W/110V)

by RADtec
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RADtec's Electric Bistro Table Heater: Because Your Patio's Been Begging for Some TLC (Toasty Luxe Comfort)! 🍷🔥

You know that scene where the main character walks into a room, and everything just stops? Yeah, this RADtec heater is that scene-stealer. Move over, traditional patio heaters; this isn't your grandma’s knitting circle. Say hello to the RADtec Electric Bistro Table Heater!

RADtec Electric Bistro Table Heater 1500W - 110V - 15S-IR-SML-BST -Main View

Hot Goss on Our Toasty RADtec Bistro Table:

  1. Elegance Meets Efficiency: It’s like if James Bond were a patio heater. Suave, sophisticated, and... hot. Like, 1500W hot.

  2. Zero Light, Hero Might: Bask in warmth without blinding lights. Our Zero Light tech ensures you get the comfort without the Vegas-style light show.

  3. Wi-fi for the Wi-win: Control from your phone because... well, it's the future, and we should be able to control everything from our phones by now, right?

  4. Infrared Innovation: This heater’s using the kind of tech you'd expect in a sci-fi novel. Infrared heating means faster warmth, no waiting around in the cold.

  5. RADtec: Because Average is Boring: If patio heaters had personalities, this one would be the life of the party, making all the other heaters jealous.

Turn those chilly outdoor dinners into cozy bistro vibes. Perfect for evening wine-downs, morning coffee uplifts, and that midday 'just because' margarita. With the RADtec Electric Bistro Table Heater, you're not just getting warmth; you're getting an experience.

RADtec Electric Bistro Table Heater 1500W - 110V - 15S-IR-SML-BST - Lifestyle

Our Bistro Table Heater is designed to maximize comfort and functionality in living spaces where maximum heat coverage, warm legs, and style are required.

A radiant heater that is perfect for keeping you warm as you eat or drink outside. Includes a heavy 26lb base plate and a fully integrated tilt-control shutoff system for safety.

Simple on/off control switch with a 6ft long standard USA 110 Volt power cord. All covered with a water resistance rating of IPX5 – built to last outdoors and resist the elements. 

180 Day Manufacturer Warranty included.

Electrical Information for the RADtec Bistro Table:

  • Wattage -1500W
  • Voltage - 110V
  • Amps - 13.6 Amp
  • Plug Type - Standard (USA)
  • Water Rating - IPX5

RADtec Bistro Table Heater Specifications:

  • Dimensions - 25 x 24 x 30 inches
  • Weight - 42 lbs
  • Element - Golden Tube
  • Heat Coverage Area ~ 30ft²

RADtec Bistro Table Heater Owner's Manual - SBT-15S

RADtec Bistro Table Heater Owners Manual