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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 & Easy Returns! TEXT or CALL (855)697-7222 for Questions!

RADtec T4000/8R - 34" Weatherproof Electric Patio Heater (4000W/220V)

by RADtec
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Weather? Meh. RADtec's Got You Covered with the T4000 Weatherproof Electric Patio Heater! 🌦️🔥

When Mother Nature decides to be moody, you need a patio heater that's like, 'Rain? Pfft, just another day at the spa.' Meet the RADtec T4000. It's like that overconfident friend who wears sunglasses even when it's cloudy – because they're just that cool.

RADtec T4000/12R - 50 Weatherproof Electric Patio Heater 4000W-220V - 50-TOR-INF-HT - Outdoor Dining Area

Sizzling RADtec Features Coming Your Way:

  1. Weather What? RADtec's T4000 is the ultimate diva that doesn't let a little drizzle or gust cramp its style. Weatherproof? More like weatherproof and fabulous!

  2. Heat Like No Other: With cutting-edge Infrared tech, this heater doesn't just warm your space; it serenades it with waves of pure, toasty affection.

  3. Safety First, Fashion Close Second: Durable design that's got your back – come rain, shine, or the occasional misplaced margarita splash.

  4. Patio's New Poster Child: If there were a Vogue for patio heaters, the T4000 would be on the cover.

  5. RADtec Vibe: We don’t just do heaters. We do the heaters. Trendsetters of the heating world, if you will.

Elevate your patio game and ensure your outdoor soirées are toastier than a marshmallow at a campfire. With the RADtec T4000, you don't just beat the cold; you make it wish it never showed up.

RADtec T4000/12R - 50 Weatherproof Electric Patio Heater 4000W-220V - 50-TOR-INF-HT - Main View

Equipped with adjustable heat settings and easy-to-use controls, you have complete control over your comfort. The wide heat coverage ensures that everyone around the patio heater can enjoy its soothing warmth.

Our Torrid Series dual element heaters are designed to maximize comfort and functionality in living spaces where maximum heat coverage and style are required. These heaters are rated IP67 Waterproof - built to last outdoors and resist the elements.

Totally protected against dust, Protected against the effects of temporary water immersion between 15cm and 1m up to 30 minutes. Wall or Ceiling mounted, all black color and lightweight – perfect for heating those “hard to heat” areas and high ceiling applications. Remote control and mounting kit materials included.

All backed with a 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty.

T4000/12R Golden Tube Infrared Radiant Heater - (50 x 6 x 5 inches)

  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Remote included
  • 4 Variable Heat Settings
  • Mounting Kit included
  • All-Black Color

Electrical Specs - RADtec T4000:

  • Wattage - 4000W
  • Voltage - 220-240V
  • Amperage - 18.18A
  • Plug Type - Hardwired Connection Required
  • Power Cord Length - 48 inches
  • IP67 Dust & Water Resistance Rating

RADtec T4000 Specifications:

  • Dimensions- 34 x 6 x 5 inches
  • Weight - 7.8lbs
  • Element - Golden Tube
  • Heat Coverage Area ~ 120ft²
  • Mounting Height - 7-16ft

RADtec T4000 Owner's Manual

RADtec T4000 Owners Manual