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FREE SHIPPING on orders over $99 & Easy Returns! TEXT or CALL (855)697-7222 for Questions!

Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater Electronic Ignition - S25 Black

by Sunpak
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Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater with Electronic Ignition in S25 Black - Versatile Fuel Options for Your Outdoor Comfort - Liquid Propane or Natural Gas

Cold Patrons? Not On Your Watch! 🔥🌞

Hey there, dedicated restaurateur! Is your al fresco dining area turning into a frosty no-man's land? Introducing the SunPak Infrared Patio Heater, specifically the Electronic Ignition S25, designed to elevate your establishment to a whole new level of cozy!

Why Every Patio Deserves a SunPak’s Infrared Patio Heater:

  1. Consistent Comfort: Our SunPak S25 delivers a consistent, ambient heat ensuring your guests stay longer and order one more round (or two). It's like summertime, all the time.
  2. Ignite in a Snap: With the electronic ignition, you’re a click away from creating that warm inviting ambiance. Simplicity at its finest.
  3. Aesthetic & Efficient: Sleek, chic, and oh-so-neat, the S25 seamlessly integrates into your decor while giving it a touch of modern flair. Because who said functional can’t be fabulous?

Bottom line? Cold guests won't be dishing out five-star reviews. With SunPak S25, ensure every review mentions the "perfect patio atmosphere." 🌡️🌟

Sunpak Infrared Patio heater Downtown Disney  Restaurant Indoor

The Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater with Electronic Ignition in S25 Black is available in both Liquid Propane and Natural Gas options, providing flexibility to suit your preferred fuel type. This stylish and efficient heater utilizes infrared technology to deliver instant and targeted warmth, ensuring your outdoor space remains cozy and inviting during cooler evenings.


With its electronic ignition system, starting the heater is effortless, allowing you to enjoy the warmth with ease. The S25 Black design adds a touch of sophistication to your patio, complementing various outdoor settings.

Choose between Liquid Propane or Natural Gas to fuel your Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater, and experience the perfect balance of style, efficiency, and comfort for your outdoor gatherings and relaxation.

Sunpak Infrared Patio heater Downtown Disney Restaurant Patio

SunPak S25 in Black Features

  • Color: Black
  • Size: 48 Inches
  • Dimensions: 8" W x 48" H x 8" D
  • Slim profile
  • Ideal for commercial use
  • Made in the United States
  • Cold-rolled steel construction
  • Fully automatic on/off control system
  • 7 1/2 foot to 9 1/2 foot mounting height
  • Can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted
  • 100 square foot approximate heating area
  • Ideal for residential use if installed outdoors
  • Includes mounting kit and 24-volt transformer
  • High-efficiency ceramic infrared burner system
  • Available in your choice of natural gas or propane
  • 0 to 30-degree mounting angle on natural gas model
  • Direct spark ignition with auto-relight and flame sensor system
  • High-temperature black powder coat finish resists rust and corrosion

Technical Specifications for the Black S25 Infrared Patio Heater

  • Amps: 0.8
  • Volts: 24V
  • Ignition Type: Electronic
  • Maximum BTU Output: 25,000
  • Minimum End Clearances: 17"
  • Minimum Top Clearances: 13"
  • Minimum Side Clearances: 17"
  • Minimum Bottom Clearances: 48"
  • Min/Max Propane Inlet Pressure: 11" WC / 13.8" WC
  • Min/Max Natural Gas Inlet Pressure: 6" WC / 13.8" WC

* Please Note: This heater is not intended for use inside of residential dwellings.


Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater S25 Owners Manual

Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater S25 Owners Manual