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SunPak Infrared Heaters at Greenlight Heating

SunPak Infrared Heaters: Change Outdoor Spaces into Year-Round Havens

SunPak Infrared Heaters: Revolutionizing Outdoor Heating

Welcome to our comprehensive look at SunPak, a leader in outdoor heating solutions. If you're considering enhancing your outdoor spaces for extended enjoyment, SunPak infrared heaters could be your answer. In this blog post, we will delve into the features, benefits, and reasons why choosing SunPak for your outdoor heating needs is a wise decision.

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SunPak: A Legacy of Outdoor Comfort

SunPak Infrared Heaters

Featured Heater: Sunpak Infrared Patio Heater Electronic Ignition - S25 Black

SunPak has been at the forefront of the outdoor heating industry since 1966. With a proud heritage of being produced by Infrared Dynamics in the USA, SunPak heaters are synonymous with quality and performance. Their range of outdoor infrared patio heaters is designed not just to provide warmth but also to extend your outdoor entertaining season by several months.

The Science Behind SunPak's Infrared Heating

sunpak patio heaters

Unlike traditional heaters that warm the air, SunPak heaters utilize infrared radiant energy, mimicking the sun's warming rays. This method is highly energy-efficient, heating objects and people directly, ensuring your outdoor areas are warmed more effectively and comfortably.

Diverse Range for Every Need

SunPak's heaters come in various models, including single-stage output heaters (S25 & S34), which can be controlled with a standard wall on/off switch, and two-stage output models (S34TSR and S34 TSH), controllable via a wireless remote or wall control. This variety ensures there's a SunPak heater for every outdoor setting, be it residential or commercial.

SunPak Infrared Heaters: Efficiency Meets Elegance

sunpak heatersFeatured Heater: Sunpak Two Stage Infrared Patio Heater Electric Ignition - S34 TSR

All SunPak heaters are CSA Design Certified and can operate on either natural gas or propane, offering clean, cost-effective, and efficient heating solutions. However, it's important to consult local building codes for proper installation and safety requirements, as these heaters are specifically designed for outdoor use.

The Benefits of Choosing SunPak

  1. Extended Outdoor Enjoyment: With SunPak heaters, your outdoor dining and entertaining can continue well into cooler months.
  2. Energy and Cost Efficiency: Their infrared technology is not only energy-efficient but also cost-effective in the long run.
  3. Ease of Use: SunPak heaters are simple to operate, with various control options available for different models.
  4. Durable and Reliable: Built to last, these heaters are perfect for both residential and discerning commercial installations.
  5. Versatile Installation Options: Whether it's a single-stage or two-stage model, SunPak heaters offer flexibility in installation to suit your specific outdoor space.

Installation and Maintenance: What You Need to Know

indoor outdoor heaters


SunPak units, while offering numerous benefits, do require professional installation. It is recommended to hire a licensed, bonded HVAC contractor for the job. This ensures that the units are installed safely, incorporating both plumbing and electrical skills.

Making the Right Choice: How Many SunPak Units Do You Need?

enclosed patio heater

Featured Heater: Sunpak Two Stage Infrared Patio Heater Hardwired Electric Ignition - S34 TSH Black

The number of SunPak units required depends on your climate and outdoor area. Coverage varies with the model and your geographic location, with warmer climates needing fewer units compared to cooler regions. Wind conditions also play a significant role in outdoor heating, so consider natural windbreaks for maximum efficiency.

SunPak FAQ Section

Q: Can I use SunPak heaters year-round?

A: SunPak heaters significantly increase outdoor comfort by 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit, making them ideal for extending the use of patios into cooler seasons. However, they are not designed to melt snow and ice.

Q: Can these heaters be installed under an awning?

A: Yes, provided the clearances to combustibles are maintained. It's important to ensure additional clearance for materials that might be affected by heat.

Q: Is recessing SunPak units into a ceiling possible?

A: No, it's not safe to recess these heaters into a ceiling or soffit.

Q: What color options are available for SunPak heaters?

A: SunPak models come in black galvanized steel, stainless steel, and antique bronze, offering aesthetic flexibility to match your outdoor decor.

Q: Can I control SunPak units with a thermostat?

A: While it's possible, it’s not recommended due to SunPak heaters heating objects rather than air. Alternative control options like wall switches or timers are advisable.

Q: What does the warranty cover?

A: SunPak offers a 90-day commercial or one-year residential limited factory warranty, covering repair or replacement parts.

Q: Are infrared heaters safe?

A: Glad you asked! In general, yes! But, read more here on the saftey of infrared heaters.


In conclusion, SunPak infrared heaters represent the pinnacle of outdoor heating solutions. They offer a perfect blend of efficiency, convenience, and style, making them an ideal choice for anyone looking to extend their outdoor living experience. Whether it's for residential enjoyment or commercial utility, SunPak stands out as a reliable, efficient, and elegant heating solution. Visit our website to explore more about SunPak and how they can transform your outdoor spaces into cozy, year-round havens.

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